The educational card deck!
learning reading and writing

The educational card game for word formulation!

This new educational card game for word formulation helps children with reading and writing difficulties due to dyslexia to learn reading and writing more easily. The idea is simple: Making words with cards! With these cards, printed by the renowned Viennese card game company Piatnik, one can formulate letters and words using play.

The card game includes 110 cards with lower and upper case letters as well as six jokers that can be used as consonants or vowels.
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Scientific background:

The educational card game “Letters2Words” was developed as a result of scientific discoveries based on the AFS-Method by Dr. Astrid Kopp-Duller that three-dimensional symbols are easier to recognize and retain.

The three-dimensional presentation of letters supports the immersion process and facilitates the child’s connection with them.

Scientific research has shown that this process is a crucial requirement for people to learn writing and reading more easily and satisfactorily.

Dyslexia Research Center